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Pre-school re-opens for the start of our Summer term on Monday the 12th of April 2021.
We would like to give a warm welcome to all our new children and their families joining Runnymede Pre-school this term.

We are following all government and Local authority advice and COVID-19 guidelines.
There are COVID policies, safety measures and risk assessments in place.
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email or use your Tapestry for communication.
Please note that these routines and procedures may need to change as we continue to follow all the most recent guidance as we receive it.

All children who stay all day will need to be dropped off at the doors at the rear of the building. If your child is going home at 12pm please drop them to the doors to the small hall on the side of the building.
This is to help ease congestion as the children enter.
Parents are still not being invited into the building, children must be dropped off to the staff at the door.
You are welcome to call the setting at anytime to check on your child or to talk to your keyperson. We also encourage you to use your tapestry online journal for communication, this will be even more important during this time so that you keep in contact with your key-person.
Our phone number is 01268 799101
Your keyperson will send you regular photos of your child at play in the setting.

If you do need to come into the setting we can pre-arrange a time slot for you.

Runnymede Pre-school’s rules, routines and procedures.

 Parents may not leave their child before the session starts at 9:00am and must be punctual to collect when the session finishes at 12:00pm, or 2.45pm.

 We MUST be informed of any contagious diseases, e.g. Coronavirus, measles, chicken pox, mumps, as soon as possible so that we can notify other parents. In these cases your child should be kept away until the ISOLATION, incubation period ends. We also ask that children who have had sickness or stomach upsets should not return to Pre-school for at least 48 hours.


 DO NOT GIVE CALPOL to your child in the morning and then send them in to pre-school. If they are unwell, they must not attend. Please refer to the Health protection agency publication “guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings” www.publichealth.hscni.net  YOU MUST FOLLOW ALL RECENT GOVERNMENT COVID GUIDANCE WITH REGARDS TO TESTING AND ISOLATION PERIODS. Please visit the nhs website for information on testing : www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/testing-and-tracing  • All children staff and visitors must wash their hands immediately on entering the building, A handwashing station will be outside the rear of the building, please help us by washing your child’s hands before they enter where possible. • We have requested that face coverings are worn by the adults at drop off and pick up time. • Please do not send children with sweets or snacks as milk, water and healthy snacks are provided and drinks are provided.

 Packed lunch - You will need to provide a pack lunch and a drink if they stay all day. Please place a cool pack in the lunch box. The lunch box must be plastic or be able to be thoroughly cleaned for each use. Please provide items of food that the children can open themselves where possible to reduce the need for staff to handle the children’s food.

 NO sweets or chocolate please and no nuts.

 All coats, shoes, etc. should be clearly marked with your child’s name. The Pre-school cannot accept responsibility for the loss of any article of clothing or jewellery.

 Please provide slip-on plimsolls and spare underwear, clothes and nappies (if required )in a back pack clearly marked with your child’s name.
 No Crocs or flip flops or any shoes / boots with laces please, shoes with Velcro fastenings are ideal.

 Please dress your child in easy to change or going to the toilet clothes – no dungarees or skinny jeans.

 We operate an equal opportunities policy in this Pre-school. All social backgrounds, cultures, gender, abilities, religion and race are treated with a positive attitude and respected.

 We welcome parental involvement even though at this time visitors are not allowed into the setting. We welcome any comments or suggested improvements you may have about the Pre-school. If you have any worries or queries do not hesitate to speak to a manager and we will take immediate action to try and remedy any problems.

 All our policies, together with the Pre-school Constitution are always available to read on our website and are also available in the setting.

 Our OFSTED report is available for you to read on the OFSTED website- www.ofsted.gov.uk 

Website Please visit Our website www.runnymedepreschool.co.uk  there you will find all the details of our policies and procedures. Original signed copies of our policies can also be found in our setting. There is also lots of other information about the pre-school on the website, the staff team and the dates for events along with useful links.

Our Facebook page and your tapestry journal will be updated each week with our planned activities.

Gymnastics, Football and Forest School
These sessions are suspended for now due to the COVID-19 visitors restrictions.

Accidents at home
We have an “accident from home” record as recommended by the Essex safeguarding children’s board.
This form is a record of accidents or existing injuries that happen before your child comes into pre-school.
If your child has had an accident/injury, however minor, please complete an observation on Tapestry and include a photo (if appropriate) and also let a member of staff know on arrival at pre-school.

Accidents in the setting.
We are now completing accident forms for accidents that have happened whilst at pre-school using the online accident forms on your Tapestry account.
If your child has an accident during the session you will receive an email notification from Tapestry to tell you that an accident entry involving your child needs your attention.
You can then click on the link and read the details of the accident.
If you are concerned or would like to speak to someone about the accident/ incident you may call the setting or add an observation on Tapestry.
We may also print a hard copy of the accident/ incident where we feel it is needed.

Please remember to monitor your Tapestry account on a daily basis.

Changes to persons authorised to collect
Please advise us if there are any changes or additions to persons authorised to collect your child from pre-school. Please advise us if there will be any last minute changes and please note that we will check by telephone if authorisation is unclear.
We have a password procedure in place which you completed on your entry form.
We must have up to date emergency contact details.

Class Names
Our class names are :
The next school intake class is split into 2 groups, the “Whales” and the “Dolphins”.
Our 3 year olds are called “ Starfish”
Our 2 year olds are called “ Turtles”

We provide healthy snacks every day in line with government guidelines e.g. fruit, vegetables, various breads, cheese etc. No child will be forced to eat anything they do not like.
If there are any special dietary requirements or allergies please let us know immediately.
Thank you for supporting us with your snack money donations, this is greatly appreciated.
We suggest a voluntary contribution of 20p a day.
We provide milk free of charge. As you are aware milk provides excellent nutrition therefore we would like to encourage all children to take advantage of the free milk offered.
Soya milk is now being offered if your child has an allergy to Dairy.
Water is always readily available, please do not send in a flask for your child as we will provide water.

Children’s bags
We do not allow the use of draw string bags or plastic carrier bags (including nappy sacks). Such bags could cause a potential risk of strangulation or suffocation.
Please also do not leave items such as sun cream, lip salve, food or sweets, medicines or asthma pumps in your child’s bag to prevent the risk of allergic reactions or, in the case of medicines, poisoning. In the event of your child needing us to administer medicines or pumps, please advise a member of staff who will arrange safe storage and completion of a medicine consent form.

Plimsolls please remember children must change outdoor shoes for soft slip-on or Velcro plimsolls, please put your child’s name in their shoes as we take them off and on regularly throughout the morning for entry to our soft play area.
NO CROCS, SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS these are very dangerous. You must provide outdoor shoes / wellies for your children so that we can change them when going outdoors.

Outdoor play
We provide outdoor activities (regardless of weather). Please ensure your child is appropriately dressed and provide them with a coat and change of shoes.
Their bag should have a label on for easy identification, if you need a new label please ask. Please ensure all belongings are named.

Sun cream
When we have brighter weather please remember to put sun protection lotion on your children before they come to Pre-school in the morning.
If they are staying for the afternoon session you can provide sun cream that we can apply after lunch, alternatively we will use the pre-school sun cream.
If you do want to provide your own sun cream please label with their name and hand to a member of staff. Please do not leave any items in bags in the cloakroom, such as sun protection lotion, medication, snacks or plastic bags.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Our chair person is Julie Lawrence who is an ex-member of staff and we have several parents on our committee. We have a fantastic committee who help with fundraising and decision making and we are always looking for new members. If you are interested in getting involved, please speak to Catherine, Alison, or any committee member.
Pack Lunches.
Please do not put sweets and chocolate bars in your child’s lunch or over fill the lunch box.
Please provide a drink with their lunch.
Please remember that our pre-school is a ‘nut free zone’.
Choking hazards : please check the food you provide for risk of choking,
For example grapes and small tomatoes should always be sliced downwards, cocktail sausages should be sliced into thin strips.
**To maintain the freshness of your child’s lunch, YOU MUST insert a cool pack in their lunch box**
We shall be checking lunch boxes for ice blocks and for items of unhealthy foods.
Please provide items of food that your child can open independently where possible, this reduces the need for the staff to handle the children’s food.
Lunch boxes and bags must be plastic and easily cleanable, cleaned after each use.

Parental help and involvement
Due to the COVID-19 visitors restrictions we are unable to have any parents stay and play at this time.
If you wish to enter the setting to help settle your child you will need to book an appointment slot.

Extra days
If you would like extra days or extended sessions for your child please ask to find out if places are available. Please think ahead for when your child will be entitled to grant funding and let us know now so that we can add your name to our list. Extra sessions cannot be guaranteed.

Fees per session: 9.00am - 12.00pm £16.80
9.00am - 2.45pm £32.20

Please note; fees are to be paid 4 weeks in advance, not arrears.
Four weeks’ notice is required prior to leaving, otherwise four weeks’ fees will be charged in lieu.
We would appreciate payment via internet banking as all cash deposits now incur bank charges.

When paying via internet, banking details are:
Account name: Runnymede Pre-school Charity Number 301250
Account number: 60769568
Sort code: 20-70-93
Reference: Your child’s surname.

Funded sessions All children are entitled to 15 hours free grant funded sessions per week from the beginning of the term after their 3rd birthday. Please return the form ASAP if you have not already done so, otherwise fees may become your responsibility to pay. Funding for 2 year olds and extended 30 hour funding To see if you are eligible and to find out if you can receive help with child care costs please visit: https://www.gov.uk/childcare-calculator 

You will need to apply for extended funding and for the 2 year funding and receive a code which we will need at the pre-school. Without this code we cannot claim your funding entitlement.

Early year’s pupil premium
If your child is of 3 or 4 years of age we may be entitled to receive additional funding if your child meets the eligibility criteria. Please request this form if you think your child may meet the criteria as this means additional training, resources, focused intervention etc. will be available to our setting which will greatly improve the outcomes of our children in their early years. If you have any questions please ask.

Mobile phone policy
Parents and visitors are not permitted to use their mobile phones whilst on the premises.

Focus Child
Every child will have one week in each half term in which their key-person can observe them closely and work on their next steps. The week before your child is the focus child we will use tapestry to let you know. Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to particularly work on. We will also send out ideas for activities that you could do at home.
If it is not your child’s focus week you will still receive photos of your child.
Unfortunately, due to current circumstances surrounding COVID we are unable to send out the Runnymede bear and book bag but we would still like to see what the children have been doing so please post some pictures on Tapestry.
You can post pictures and observations at any time and we do love to see them especially now as we aren’t able to see and speak to you as much as we would like to.
We will add to your Tapestry account some of the experiences and activities which your child has the opportunity to participate in during the week, our Facebook page and website also provides information about things that are happening at our preschool.
Show and tell.
We have found in the past that the children really like to bring items in from home to show everyone and to talk us about. It provides an excellent opportunity to develop speaking and listening skills. Sadly, we are unable to allow items brought in from home due to our COVID safety measures in place, but if there is anything that the children would like to show us – maybe a special toy, a book they have been enjoying, something they have found whilst out on a nature walk etc. – please add a photo to Tapestry with the title Show and Tell and we can show it to their friends and talk about it.
This will be ongoing while we can’t have items brought in from home so you can add an item at any time.



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